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The Incredible Networking Event

Want To Increase Your Business Exposure Even More?  
Sponsor A Rotation Table for Just $225.00

Fee Includes: Two FREE Attendee Registrations and Continental Breakfast.

We will have 6 Networking Rotations. Upon arrival, attendees will receive a ticket with six different tables listed that they will be networking at. At each table, attendees will have an opportunity to pass business cards and do a 60 Second Presentation.

As a Rotation Table Sponsor, you will decorate and host one of these 10-Person Round Networking Tables. Feel free to brand & decorate your table with your company information.

As table sponsor and host, you don't move during the Rotation Networking exercise like the other attendees do. Instead, 60+ other attendees will rotate through your table during the 6 networking rotations. You will also give a two-minute presention about your business at the beginning of each networking round. This gives you and your business direct contact & exposure to 60+ participants during the Rotation networking exercises.

Table sponsors will have access to the venue starting at 7:00am. All table branding and decoration must be completed by 7:30am sharp.
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